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    KARDASHIAN mom-ager KRIS JENNER’s boozing is so out of control her friends are worried she’s going to destroy the family empire! Things are so bad that the 57-year-old was even caught on camera drunk driving. Her hus­band Bruce is said to be sick and tired of her an­tics – and her famous daughters fear that her bad behavior could put the family’s $180 million bank account at risk. “Kris doesn’t think she has a problem,” said a source. “She has been drinking like a fish, and it just seems to be getting worse.” Kris downed several glasses of wine before jumping onto the driver’s seat of a personal watercraft – with daughter Kim on back! Petrified, Kim leapt off and swam back to a boat where the rest of the family was watching in stunned disbelief. The dangerous incident was documented in an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashi­ans.” “What Kris did is extremely dangerous and I believe it shows that she has a problem with alcohol,” Dr. Damon Raskin, an addiction expert and counselor at California’s Cliffside Malibu rehab facility, told The ENQUIRER.

    rashmanlykris-jenner_17be6bd61-671e-4397-9857-63752f4f4e59kris-jenner-itwkris-jenner-drinking-problem__oPt1308Coverbb623773-28d8-4bef-baa2-1343c395e8261306CoverOwWwfjeEwkKQ5Cwb85jEeA2jenner1o1209(1)4 man in diapers11181951thumb1chris_hansen1Brickwallkendall-jenner-0716090110 years older: Kylie Jenner looked much older than her 14 years last night as she attended the launch of the Kardashian Khaos store in Las Vegas wearing a Hervé Léger bandage dress Getting used to the spotlight: Kylie will soon be experiencing the same level of fame as her older sibling after landing a spin-off reality show with her sister Kendalli-m-14-years-old-watch-all-our-shows-you-perverts-edc01chome.gif51R4RPZEDQL._SS500_kylie-jenner-star-lolita-film-remake-0a5c9clolita-1-1Excited: Kylie and Kendall spent time meeting and greeting their fans outside the event before heading inside8c31958b-c992-4232-bea4-d416bccbb237rashmanlykris-jenner_17be6bd61-671e-4397-9857-63752f4f4e59kris-jenner-itwkris-jenner-drinking-problem__oPt1308Coverbb623773-28d8-4bef-baa2-1343c395e8261306CoverOwWwfjeEwkKQ5Cwb85jEeA2jenner1o1209(1)4 man in diapers11181951thumb1chris_hansen1Brickwallkendall-jenner-0716090110 years older: Kylie Jenner looked much older than her 14 years last night as she attended the launch of the Kardashian Khaos store in Las Vegas wearing a Hervé Léger bandage dress Getting used to the spotlight: Kylie will soon be experiencing the same level of fame as her older sibling after landing a spin-off reality show with her sister Kendalli-m-14-years-old-watch-all-our-shows-you-perverts-edc01chome.gif51R4RPZEDQL._SS500_kylie-jenner-star-lolita-film-remake-0a5c9clolita-1-1Excited: Kylie and Kendall spent time meeting and greeting their fans outside the event before heading inside8c31958b-c992-4232-bea4-d416bccbb237

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    Kim Kardashian's former step-mother isn't letting the family's lawsuit stop her from moving forward with more sensational allegations about the family. Days after it was revealed Kim and her siblings had filed a lawsuit against Ellen Kardashian for copyright infringement new details allegedly taken from Robert Kardashian's personal diary have emerged. In Touch magazine has reportedly put together a 'Collector's Special', including painful notes in which the late lawyer accuses Kris Jenner of passing out drunk, having an affair and abandoning their children.


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    KHLOE KARDASHIAN’s hubby LAMAR ODOM is caught up in an ugly charity scam scandal, and sources say family matri­arch KRIS JENNER fears it will spark an FBI investigation that could eventu­ally spread to the Kardashian empire. “Kris told Lamar he’d better handle this mess and or he will regret the day he met Khloe,” said a source. On March 28, ESPN reported that the basketball player’s cancer char­ity for children, Cathy’s Kids – which was named for Lamar’s mother, who died of cancer – had not given a sin­gle dime to cancer-related causes. Yet it’s raised an estimated $2.2 million since its inception in 2004. Instead, more than $1.3 million has been fun­neled into two elite youth traveling basketball teams.


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    HOT-headed Rob Kardashian got himself into trouble with the law – and now sources say his protective mom Kris Jenner is desperately trying to keep her only son out of jail! The problem began on March 27 when the 26-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashi­ans” star took his shirt off in a West Hollywood gym parking garage after a workout session with celebri­ty trainer Gunnar Peterson. Rob, who recently packed on 40 pounds, blew up after a female photographer snapped a “money shot” of his tubby physique. According to a compalint filed by the photog, Rob was so irate he stole her camera’s memory card and smacked her in the face. Rob was handcuffed and briefly taken into custody, says the source. After ques­tioning, he was released without any charges being filed, but the Beverly Hills Police Department is currently investigating a potential felony rob­bery charge, which is punishable by up to nine years in prison. Now Kar­dashian momager Kris has stepped in to track down the woman in a fran­tic attempt to make sure Rob stays out of the slammer. “Kris is calling all of her contacts and anybody else that might know who this woman is,” said a source. “She’s desperate to find this pho­tographer so she can pay her off to get Rob out of trouble, and she’s throwing around HUGE dollar figures to make it happen.” So far, Kris han't had any luck luck, says the source. “No one wants to help her because everyone knows that Rob has a hor­rible temper, and a lot of them feel he needs to finally face some con­sequences,” added the source. “He can’t keep run­ning to his mom for help every time he gets in trouble. And they both need to learn that money can’t buy everything.”

    rashmanly9a6a528e-9301-43e2-ab02-557d1065299b96eff52b-b384-4e3d-8cd1-2cf0ee342092RITA ORA in Swimsuit at Victoria Will Photoshoot61edccc7-b5db-4a3f-bb5f-ef70df8afeb9Rita_Ora__1562085aRITA-ORA-in-Swimsuit-at-Victoria-Will-Photoshoot-1-535x802rashmanly9a6a528e-9301-43e2-ab02-557d1065299b96eff52b-b384-4e3d-8cd1-2cf0ee342092RITA ORA in Swimsuit at Victoria Will Photoshoot61edccc7-b5db-4a3f-bb5f-ef70df8afeb9Rita_Ora__1562085aRITA-ORA-in-Swimsuit-at-Victoria-Will-Photoshoot-1-535x802

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    LA TOYA JACKSON has launched her own reality show “Life with La Toya” – but sources say there’s nothing “real” about it! The 56-year-old entertainer claims she’s looking for love on the OWN series, even though family friends say she’s already in a longtime relationship with her manager, Jeffre Phillips. “La Toya didn’t have enough material to fill 10 episodes, so she decided to pretend she’s looking for a boyfriend,” a show insider told The ENQUIRER. “But she’s been with Jeffre for years. He’s featured on the show as La Toya’s ‘business partner and close friend,’ but everyone who knows them personally knows they’re in a relationship. The series will show her on several ‘dates,’ but they’re not real. Jeffre is going along with it because he wants the show to be a success.” During the series’ opening episode, La Toya chats with her BFF Kathy Hilton, party-hearty socialite Paris Hilton’s mom, about her abusive relationship with her late ex-husband and manager, Jack Gordon.


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    KRIS JENNER is carrying on a secret relationship with a longtime “friend” – and it could be the last straw for her marriage to BRUCE, say sources. In a shocking expose, The ENQUIRER rips the lid off the latest scandal involving the 57-year-old Kardashian “mom-ager,” who has a long history of cheating. “They’ve been friends for decades but recently have been spending more and more time together,” a family insider said about Kris and the man, who’s described as being “tall and brawny with a full head of hair and piercing eyes.”

    rashmanlyfrancoise_boufhal_30-12359b4b1-af1e-4703-a306-ae4f4bc8399529a38018-b4d7-4a19-9190-55614e19fa64jenner1o1209(1)4 man in diapersbb623773-28d8-4bef-baa2-1343c395e826rashmanlyfrancoise_boufhal_30-12359b4b1-af1e-4703-a306-ae4f4bc8399529a38018-b4d7-4a19-9190-55614e19fa64jenner1o1209(1)4 man in diapersbb623773-28d8-4bef-baa2-1343c395e826

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  • 05/21/13--07:51: Kris Jenner serial cheater
  • Admitted cheater KRIS JENNER is carrying on a shocking secret relation­ship with one of the men rumored to be the biolog­ical father of her daughter KHLOE! Sources say the suspicious liai­son blew up after a neighbor caught a half-naked Kris planting a kiss on her hunky hairdress­er of 30 years, Alex Roldan. Now the 57-year-old Kardashian “momager” is des­perate to keep the true nature of her red-hot relationship with Alex, 56, under wraps for fear it will end her troubled marriage to Bruce Jenner, the sources add. “Kris and Alex have been friends for decades, but re­cently they’ve been spending more and more time together,” revealed a family in­sider.


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  • 05/30/13--05:27: Celebrity sex addicts
  • A WIFE yesterday revealed how her husband's sex addiction ripped their marriage apart. Mum-of-two Nicola Merrimen told The Sun how hubby Mark, 36, pestered her for nookie more than five times a day - and then cheated when she couldn't satisfy his insatiable appetite. Nicola, 27, shared her story to raise awareness of the addiction. She can seek solace in the knowledge she's not alone. Sex Addicts Anonymous claims FOUR MILLION people in Britain are addicted to sex. And there are some very famous sufferers, too. Here's our TOP TEN celebrity sexaholics, in no particular order.


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    Money-minded Kris Jen­ner is delighted that her daughter Kim Kardashian delivered her baby North West early because she can now use the infant to help launch her new talk show, says a source. The promotional campaign for 57-year-old Kris’ syndicated talk show, which debuts July 15, is already underway. “So to make sure she makes a big splash in the ratings, she needed this baby to be signed, sealed – and DELIVERED ASAP!” a family insider told The ENQUIRER. Kim, 32, gave birth to her almost 5-pound baby daughter North at about 1:30 a.m. on June 15, four weeks earlier than her July 11 due date. The blessed event took place in the $4,000-a-day luxury maternity suite at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Dad Kanye West, who canceled a promo event for his new album, was at her side, and grandma Kris was thrilled that the joyous event had occurred in plenty of time. The birth was shrouded in a bit of mystery.

    rashmanlyNORTH BY NORTHWEST, Cary Grant, 1959tumblr_mf2wg8BsdL1qzdglao1_500rashmanlyNORTH BY NORTHWEST, Cary Grant, 1959tumblr_mf2wg8BsdL1qzdglao1_500

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    Kardashian mom-ager KRIS' arm candy hubby BRUCE JENNER has moved out of the family compound. WHY??? The former Olympian and Wheaties cover boy Bruce has moved to his Malibu, Calif., beach house for the rest of the summer after new parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West moved into the family’s mansion in Calabasas with their newborn, RadarOnline reported.


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    He may be 14 but with success in the music and acting industries, Jaden Smith is wise beyond his years. But the precocious teen may be a little too old for his age as he appears to have developed an interest in smoking. As he celebrated the Fourth of July on Thursday, the After Earth star was seen mimicking taking a drag from a cigarette with what looked like a stick.

    rashmanlya7a9cff7-5c2b-4af9-b440-b043c5f57243tumblr_mp6eqfeG3a1qdjl1do1_500Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Bikini111819518c31958b-c992-4232-bea4-d416bccbb237rashmanlya7a9cff7-5c2b-4af9-b440-b043c5f57243tumblr_mp6eqfeG3a1qdjl1do1_500Kendall and Kylie Jenner - Bikini111819518c31958b-c992-4232-bea4-d416bccbb237

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    FRAZZLED by never-ending battles with his demanding diva wife Kris, BRUCE JENNER finally snapped! The normally low-key Kardashi­an family patriarch went ballistic on some photographers, showering them with obscenities – and then he called the cops. “He was like a wild man!” an eye­witness to Jenner’s meltdown told The ENQUIRER. But sources close to the reality TV clan say it was actually the stress of his mari­tal life that pushed him over the edge. Bruce and Kris’ latest fight is over his Malibu beach house rental, which he refuses to give up even though she has ordered him to return to the family mansion in Hidden Hills. And now, add insiders, their bitter di­vorce battle is really heating up! As The ENQUIRER has reported, Bruce, 63, and Kris, 57, have been at odds since she was recently caught planting a kiss on her hairdresser of 30 years. They’ve also clashed over her relation­ships with former lover Todd Waterman, and her hunky trainer Gunnar Peterson. Both Bruce and Kris are talking with lawyers, and with their $180 million fortune at stake, sources say the pressure has been pushing Bruce closer and closer to the edge. “While Kris is do­ing her best to keep the lid on their failing marriage, Bruce can’t keep it quiet,” said an insider. “The pres­sure’s too great for him, and it’s really beginning to show.”


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    Kanye West may face a felony attempted robbery charge stemming from his airport altercation on Friday with a photographer, it has been claimed. The 36-year-old singer, who recently welcomed his first child with reality star Kim Kardashian, charged a paparazzo who was peppering him with questions upon the singer's arrival at Los Angeles International Airport Friday. The photographer was taken to a hospital following the assault and told authorities that he wants to press charges against West, TMZ reports.


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    Then I better pull on some giant Spanx before I go out in public with my new sterling silver Tiffany bribe that Kris Jenner sent me. I don’t want to embarrass a Kardashian by looking like a big ass or anything. What am I talking about? My first ever bribe, baby, that’s what! Here’s how I came to be a proud bribee: On Tuesday, I wrote a review of “Kris,” a horrible new talk show by the mother of all self-promoters, Kris Jenner. A few hours later, a messenger arrived at The Post bearing a dozen Magnolia cupcakes (see the need for Spanx, above) and one $325 sterling silver Tiffany pen. With a note.


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    A new $20 million lawsuit blasts the KARDASHIANS for fooling America with their “scripted” and “fake” reality TV show – and the shocking court pa­pers also accuse matriarch KRIS JENNER of cheating, bullying and lying. The sensational court papers, ob­tained by The ENQUIRER, blow the lid off the “shameful rewrit­ing of history by the Kardashian siblings, at the direction and behest of Kris Jenner” – calling her an “atrocious” mom to daughters Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. Filed on the eve of Kris’ FOX net­work talk-show debut, the lawsuit claims to expose the real story behind “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” It could even put the future of the franchise in jeopardy, according to one TV industry expert. In damning documents, the 57-year-old family matriarch is described as “a manipulative and devious mother and ex-wife who simply used and exploited her children and family.” The emotionally charged legal ac­tion – alleging defamation, harass­ment and conspiracy – was launched by Ellen Pearson-Kardashian. She’s the widow of the late O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian, who fathered Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Rob with first wife Kris. In the court papers, Ellen asks the court for per­mission to file a counterclaim against a lawsuit filed that Kris and the Kar­dashian siblings filed against her.


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    KRIS JENNER has finally gone over the edge! The Kardashian matri­arch’s boozing has gotten so bad that her frightened relatives fear she’s spinning wildly out of control and headed for a devastating trag­edy, a source says. “Kris is heading into a free-fall,” disclosed a family insider. “She sometimes drinks champagne at the office in the morning and, by night­time, she’s slurring her words, falling over furniture and occasionally doesn’t even recognize the faces of her own kids!” An ENQUIRER investigation has ripped the lid off the Kardashians’ heartbreaking family secret – the 57-year-old “momager’s” benders have gotten so alarming that insid­ers fear for her health. The once tough-as-nails mother of six is said to be cracking under the pressures of managing her family’s empire and helming her own new talk show. Daughter Khloe, 29, admitted re­cently that: “One time I went out with my mom, and my mom got totally drunk…shocker. “I was driving her home...My mom ends up throwing up out the window and we’re on the freeway, so it came back in the car on me.”


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    KIM KARDASHIAN’s crying her eyes out because ruthless mom-ager KRIS JENNER just escalated her ever-worsening war with Kim’s hothead baby-daddy KANYE WEST, hitting a disgusting new low in family exploitation when she went public posing with a newborn “rent-a-baby” to promote her new TV show, insinuating the infant was KimYe newborn NORTH WEST – who “might” be making an appearance! “Kanye went CRAZY,” said a source close to the star.


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    TV talk-show veteran Ellen DeGeneres has launched a scathing war of words against new kid on the block Kris Jenner! Kris’ self-titled FOX chat-fest debuted on July 15 to stellar ratings, beating out big-name regulars such as Steve Harvey, Katie Couric – and even Ellen – in some markets. Now the normally good-natured Ellen is hopping mad and telling pals that reality star Kris is going to give talk shows a bad name. “She’ll make a mockery out of talk shows because she doesn’t care about her guests,” Ellen said, according to a source. “She only cares about herself.” Ellen blasted Kris, 57, for hint­ing around on Twitter that she’d have her new granddaughter, North (daughter Kim and Kanye West’s baby) on the show, then cradling a newborn on camera that turned out to be her stylist’s baby. “There may be some jealousy involved on Ellen’s part,” con­ceded the source, “but when Kris popped up on the show with a baby, briefly faking the audi­ence into thinking it was Kim’s, it seemed to prove Ellen’s point that Kris is only thinking about ratings.” Ellen, 55, is said to also be criti­cizing Kris for enlisting a guest co-host on every show, with a lineup including Kathie Lee Gif­ford, NeNe Leakes and Ryan Seacrest. “Ellen thinks that Kris is using a string of celebrity co-hosts because she doesn’t have the personality to carry a show by herself,” continued the source. “And she doesn’t believe Kris sets a good example for teenage girls, seeing how the Kardashian kids are spoiled rotten.” But animal-loving Ellen’s biggest beef with Kris – and most of the Kardashian clan – is a personal one: She hates that they wear fur and buy their pup­pies from pet shops instead of rescuing. “Ellen doesn’t think Kris cares about anything except making money – and keeping her family in the spotlight,” said the source.


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    Hunky beefcake who claims he bedded KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN 9 months before birth of her son wants a court to order a DNA TEST! Michael Girgenti, a male model is claiming to have had sex with Kourtney nine months before the birth of her son Mason, is suing the eldest of the three Kardashian sisters in Los Angeles for joint custody of the now-3-year-old boy, claiming to be the child’s father. Girgenti claims he had “unprotected vaginal sex” with her in March 2009 at his Glendale, Calif. apartment — at the climax of which he “ejaculated inside [her] vagina” — in court docs filed Thursday, according to reports.


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    KRIS JENNER talker gets the old heave-ho from FOX! The notorious Karashian matriarch was told by execs that despite baby pics and maybe son-in-law Kanye West showing up, ratings were a total suck-fest. RadarOnline reported that FOX executives are saying that Jenner’s six-week trial run a hosting a talk show were just THAT – a trial. Some critics called the show a “trial by fire”. “There is no chance the talk show is going to get a green light from FOX,” Jenner was reportedly told. “The ratings were averaging an abysmal 0.8 and advertisers were less than enthusiastic about it.” Evidently, like once mighty Rome, The Ka-TRASH-ian Empire is FALLING.


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